We offer aluminium surface pre-treatment and powder coating services.

The high efficiency of our production lines together with the flexibility in rendering comprehensive services and perfect work organisation allow us to promptly deliver both smaller and larger orders.


Our assets:

  • Our top quality pre-treatment technology that meets the demanding Qualicoat standards. Our pre-treatment process takes place in as many as thirteen immersion tubs, and involves degreasing, etching, chrome free pre-treatment and deionising. Such pre-treatment methods guarantee better anti-corrosion protection and long-lasting coat adhesion.
  • Our powder coating processes rely on state-of-the-art and fully automated applications supplied by Wagner, the world’s leading producer of such specialist equipment. Our top-of-the-range production lines are capable of coating surfaces with the maximum size of 7m x 0.4 m x 1.6m.
  • Our ability to quickly change colours with the high production capacity of up to 200 thousand sqm per month.
  • Our cooperation with leading suppliers of Qualicoat certified powder coatings and chemical products.
  • Our flexibility that allows us to offer tailor-made collaboration conditions to every single client according to their needs.
  • Our ability to store your raw materials in our storage area exceeding 5,000 sqm.
  • Our advanced distribution network that allows for collecting raw materials and returning them coated to all our customers in Poland and Northern Europe.